• The Friday Scoop: Sneak Peek at Facebook Timeline, 5 Reads Worthy of Your Time and a True Web Diva of Sorts

    Welcome back to The Friday Scoop, my weekly report of what you need to know in marketing news and top picks that are actually worth your time to read.

    This week we’re taking a look at a sneak peek into Facebook’s new Timeline (a major overhaul to profiles), a good look at the latest battle between Facebook and Google+ and more. And, I’ll introduce you to a web diva who is not exactly a woman, but I broke the rules this week to showcase one of my top advisors (and friend).

    Facebook’s New Timeline

    This week at the F8 Conference, Facebook unveiled the new, big overhaul of profiles–the Timeline (the intro video with the SNL guy who played Mark in the Social Network movie, was hilarious).  I digress.  So the great Timeline has been revealed and its definitely a major overhaul–one that I think is finally a good overhaul.

    Facebook developers  have been given a sneak peek with the ability to switch over before the rest of you on 9/29 and I have to say, I’m impressed.

    Facebook's New Timeline

    It does take a hot minute to get used to it, but the idea of sharing your life’s (or life on Facebook) timeline is great.  You can even go back to major milestones you’ve already entered into Facebook (the day you were born, the day you graduated from high school and college and more).

    Curating the timeline of your life.

    Timeline is the “story of your life.”  You’ll notice its a ton more visual and based on a timeline going back as far as your first day on this Earth.  Cool aspects you’ll want to pay attention to:

    1. Your activity within apps will now be more visual and prominent within your timeline.
    2. People can easily navigate from year to year in your timeline.
    3. The further back you go, details are summarized at greater levels.
    4. Images are front and center with your cover image (big top image) and throughout your timeline.
    5. You can “Star” important events in your life to keep them featured on your timeline.
    6. You can add stuff to different times within your timeline, including content and events.
    7. You can also filter down content to a particular type of content–called Timeline Views–by photos, maps etc.

    There’s really a ton of new stuff, with the entire process made so that you can curate your life, filter what you’ve curated and more.

    Telling stories with apps.

    Apps are the new way to tell the story of your life, on a daily basis.  Apps will now be a major part of the experience on Facebook–based on your preferences, your Apps will now publish nicely designed stories on your Timeline.

    The biggest thing is called a Report–a summary, presented in your Timeline.  You can set them up to publish summary reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    Facebook's New Timeline with Apps

    What this means for marketers.

    Right now, the new Timeline is for profiles only–except Facebook has been making small changes to Pages as well (I’m covering those in a later post this week, @JohnHaydon has an excellent post I feature below about Facebook nuking the like button).  However, for solopreneurs, ideapreneurs, bloggers and those that use their profiles as part of the professional identity–the new Timeline is going to be very useful for marketing and highlighting important events that matter to your audience.

    In addition, because Apps have become a much bigger part of the story people will tell about their lives–Apps will increasingly become an important aspect of marketing on Facebook for businesses/non-profits/etc.

    5 Reads Worthy of Your Time

    Basic SEO for Facebook Fan Pages

    This is an excellent article on how to search engine optimize your Facebook Fan Page (from @Kikolani as a guest post).  Tips include optimizing your Page title, description and the importance of branding and appearance.

    34 Awesome Twitter Ideas for Engaging Your Prospects

    Great article from @HubSpot with a great list of ways to build engagement on Twitter.   Tips include using @replies more effectively, the courtesy of thanking people and giving shoutouts and more.

    Facebook versus Google+: The Battle to Win YOU Over

    @SocialMouths has an excellent article on the current battle between Facebook and Google+ and what it means for you.  Francisco takes a look at Google+’s API, the recent changes on Facebook and more.

    How People Find Your Content

    @OutBrain has published their report on how people engage with and find content online.   If you can make it through the entire report, this is excellent information to know/understand in your content marketing.

    Facebook Has Just Nuked the Like Button

    @JohnHaydon has an excellent write-up about the new ability for non-friends and non-fans to engage on pages–basically nuking the like button.  Great marketing advice here too.

    And, a not so web diva you need to know.

    Okay, so this week’s web diva isn’t so diva as in woman, but definitely diva as in he knows that he knows his stuff.  Rick Butts, is arguably one of the most important people in my business (besides my wonderful assistant).

    Rick Butts

    Anyone who knows me, knows I’m very intense in my business and my clients’ business.   Getting me on the phone (unless you’re a client) or meeting me in person is nearly impossible.  Rick is one of 3 people, I’ve talked to almost everyday since meeting him 3 years ago.

    I love Rick long time.

    Rick is the #1 advisor to my business, hands down.  Rick has been in the digital/Internet industry for longer than many of my readers were in diapers.  He’s not only built million-dollar Internet empires, he’s also turned himself from a guitar playing, pig farmer into a million-dollar speaker–without the help of those obnoxious speaker bureaus.

    Not to mention, he’s a branding/marketable ideas man.  I don’t launch without his advice.  Period.  Rick has helped me with brilliant ideas for my books being release 2012/2013 and my impending launches coming up.

    There’s something to say about experience… successful experience.

    Rick’s current project, the Stardust Factor (not an affiliate link, one of the only programs I actually pay for) is way under priced and way over valuable for professionals, speakers, bloggers and idea types (like me).

    Rick does live webinars (for free), today he’s talking about payment systems (Paypal, E-Junkie, 1SC) and such.  You can get on the list to be notified of each one here:


    That’s all I have to say about that.

    Onward and Upward!

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