• The Best Vacuum Cleaner for a Busy Life

    The days are gone when the housewife stayed at home all day and had plenty of time to vacuum and clean the home. Today, everyone in the family is expected to help with the running of the home. Most people lead busy lives, and often house cleaning is neglected. If a vacuum cleaner is big and bulky, a person may be hesitant to dragging it out of the closet, but there are vacuum cleaners that are designed for a busy life. Finding the best vacuum cleaner you have to read a lot of reviews to figure out which one is good for you.

    The best vacuum cleaners of the last century often came with paper bags that had to be inserted into the vacuum cleaner. It was often frustrating trying to get them inserted, and sometimes they’d become dislodged, causing a terrible mess. They’d be unpleasant to remove. There was also the inconvenience of trying to find a store that sold your vacuum cleaner’s brand, make, and model of bags, and was also an additional expense.

    upright-vacuum-cleanerThese types of vacuum cleaners were usually canister style, and not very convenient to use, unless you had an entire afternoon to vacuum. Today, many cleaners have a removable dust cup. They are also convenient to wash and dry. Many of the vacuum cleaners on the market today are designed for the person who leads an active life. For a busy person, the main feature of a vacuum cleaner is that it should be easy to grab from the closet, plug in, and turn it on. It should be simple to run along a floor, and then be back in the closet in two minute’s time.

    The best vacuum cleaner type is the upright which may be the perfect solution for busy life. They don’t take up a lot of room, like the canister style vacuum cleaner can. Stick vacuums are often lightweight, and they can actually be hung from a hook in the closet. This leaves you plenty of floor space. You can simply lift your vacuum off the hook and get started with vacuuming. There will be no need to dig your vacuum out of the closet because it’s covered in a pile of stuff.

    Another good feature to seek for saving time, is a vacuum cleaner that has a retractable cord. It works by pressing a button. The cord then automatically retracts inside the cleaner, and is conveniently stowed away. You’ll have to pay a bit more for this feature, but it’s worth it. The more inexpensive vacuum cleaners have a place where you have to physically wrap the cord around it. Not exactly time saving.

    You’ll also want a motorized brush head that cleans both floors and carpets. Often many of the older styles of cleaners had different floor brushes that had to be switched out. Busy people have no time to do this.

    Choose the best vacuum cleaner by giving careful consideration for how quickly it will allow you to vacuum your room. The key is to get your floors and furniture clean as quickly as possible, and not be slowed down by additional features.

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