• Google+ Buttons, Widgets and Beyond

    Maria Reyes-McDavis on Google PlusWhile Google+ is the new kid on the block in the neighborhood of social media, it’s causing quite a stir with predictions of successand failure coming from all sides. Obviously, its a bit premature to garner whether Google+ will become the next, better Facebook.  Focusing on that debate kind of misses the point.

    Whichever side you find yourself on, one thing is for sure, Google+ shows that Google has learned from its past social failures.  Not only are Google+ updates being added to real-time search results, it’s also safe to say Google+ is here to stay and what we see now is just the tip of the iceberg.

     So, if you’re looking to do the circles dance on Google+ these are some of our favorite tools.

    Google+ Buttons

    Google’s Button

    Of course, Google has its own Google+ button that can also be added easily to your blog or website.  We’ve chosen to use use this simple version with other icons on the left and the widget above as an additional opportunity on the sidebar.

    Google+ Button

    IconsPedia Google+ Icons

    For the do-it-yourself’ers out there, IconsPedia.com has an excellent list of Google+ icons to use–not to mention the 100′s of top quality icons covering most of social media.

    Google+ Icons


    Google+ Custom URL


    When promoting your Google+ profile across the Internet, you’ll want to make sure you have acustom, vanity Google+ URL (it’s shorter and branded).  Did I mention its also easy to create.

    GPlus.To Custom Vanity Google+ URL


    Google+ Widget

    Widgets Plus

    This is a great Google+ widget creator that allows people to add you to their Circles, shows the number of Circles you’ve been added to and optionally shows your latest updates.  Installation is simple as cut-n-paste into your blog sidebar or website coding.

    Widgets Plus for Google+

    If you’re doing the Google+ circles dance, let’s connect :-)  

    If you need an invite, post a comment below and I’ll shoot one over to you!  I’ve got 150 invites, first come first serve ;-)

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