• The Friday Scoop: Facebook Friend Lists and Subscribe Button, 7 Reads Worthy of Your Time and a Web Diva You Need to Know

    The Friday Scoop Online Marketing NewsWelcome back to The Friday Scoop, my weekly report of what you need to know in marketing news and top picks that are actually worth your time to read :-)

    This week we’re taking a look at Facebook’s improved friend lists, the new Subscribe Button and what it means in your marketing, and the impending SSL requirement for all Pages with custom apps.  Also, meet a web diva you need to know if you want practical, savvy marketing advice.

    Facebook Friend Lists

    This week Facebook announced improvements to how friend lists work–many say as an attempt to compete with Google+ Circles.  Whatever the case, you’ll likely notice the change and as with anything Facebook does, love it or hate it.

    Facebook Improved Friend Lists

    According to Facebook, the changes made include:

    1. Smart lists – You’ll see smart lists that create themselves and stay up-to-date based on profile info your friends have in common with you–like your work, school, family and city.
    2. Close Friends and Acquaintances lists – You can see your best friends’ photos and posts in one place, and see less from people you’re not as close to.
    3. Better suggestions – You can add the right friends to your lists without a lot of effort.

    To me, the most important change involves the new ability to share exactly what you want to exactly who you want–based on your lists:

    Improved Facebook Friends Lists

    Savvy marketers can segment their lists by influencers, clients, etc and share relevant, timely information to those lists.

    Facebook Subscriptions

    Perhaps the biggest news this week, came when Facebook announced the new Subscribe Button feature for profiles.  Experts like Mari Smith are calling this a great break from the chains of the 5k friend limit.  I agree.

    Many of you have likely already seen it happen.  At some point you’ll log in and see a message above your News Feed.  Once you confirm, you’ll grant specific permissions:

    Facebook's New Subscribe Button

    Once you settings are done, people who visit your profile will see who is subscribed to you and who you are subscribed to:

    Facebook Subscriptions and Subscribers

    People subscribing can decide exactly what they want to see for anyone:

    Facebook Subscribe Options

    For the full deets on the new Subscribe button, Facebook has a dedicated page.  Not sure if you have this set-up?  You can check that too.

    FB’s Subscribe Marketing Takeaway

    It shouldn’t be news to you but, marketer beware.  Consumers, clients or anyone you are trying to market to has an increasing ability to filter.  We’ve been in an attention economy for a while now.  Respect this and you’ll be fine.

    Custom Page Apps SSL Requirement

    The other big news, which isn’t so new but a reminder is necessary–Facebook is now requiring SSL for all domains that host custom applications for Pages.  After adding the option for user’s to use SSL when on Facebook, they soon announced the pending requirement for all page owners.

    What this means for FB Page owners…

    As of October 1, 2011 if you are using custom applications on your Facebook page, that are not hosted on Facebook (through a 3rd party app), you must have all app URLs on a domain with SSL.  This includes even the most simple apps used on your Page.

    If you’re using applications like WildFire, Buddy Media or Involve Social — this will not apply to you, because your provider will likely have already met this requirement.

    7 Reads Worthy of Your Time

    Following Does Not Equal Attention

    Chris Brogan, in his usual style, highlights a very important insight all marketers need to understand.  Just because someone is following you, does not mean they are paying attention to you.

    Don’t Be An Expert, Be A Trusted Advisor for Your Customers

    Flowtown has an excellent article featuring the principle of trust, rather than ego-driven, expert-syndrome.  Great insight into the difference and why it matters in your marketing.

    How Color Affects Purchase Decision

    Love this smashing infographic highlighting the psychology behind color.  For those of you who build websites based on your favorite colors or those of your friends and family–please pay attention–that awkward fuschia and turquoise mix is killing your marketing.

    As a designer and developer for over 15 years, I can attest to the importance of understanding your customers are human beings.  Humans are complex and you must appeal to all senses in your marketing.

    10 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Lead Generation Machine

    Many of these are common sense, all are worth the reminder.  We often forget that our blog must work for our business, other than giving us a place to rant and rave.  Go through the list and make sure you’re consistently applying these principles.

    5 Ways to Grow an Email List That You’re Ignoring

    HubSpot has an excellent article featuring very simple, obvious ways to grow your email list.  Most important, keep-it-simple-stupid.  Seriously.  Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest impact.

    9 Facebook Marketing Success Stories You Should Model

    Social Media Examiner has highlighted 9 great Facebook page success stories.  Obviously, some will not apply to smaller businesses.  But, take a look at the principles behind their success to jog your creative juices.

    7 Common Sales Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

    QuickSprout has an excellent list of sales mistakes you need to avoid.  Whether your business is small or large, blogger or brick and mortar–these tips are excellent.  My personal favorite and something I advocate to clients on a daily basis is the need to qualify.

    Qualifying your leads and knowing who your ideal, most profitable customers is critical–whether online or offline.

    … And, a Web Diva You Need to Know

    So, every week I like to showcase someone who has helped me be a better marketer and in many cases a better business owner.  This week’s diva is no exception.

    Kristi Hines – Kikolani.com

    Kristi Hines - Kikolani

    I don’t know Kristi personally, but I am a loyal reader of her blog, Kikolani.  I can tell from what she posts, she only posts when she has something valuable to say.  She’s also incredibly savvy and very practical.

    You won’t find platitudes or mystical marketing tips, ever.  I especially love her Fetching Fridayposts–she always finds resources I miss and highlights cool tools.

    If you’re not subscribed, you should be.  Also, make sure you pick up her Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide ebook (NOT an affiliate link, it just rocks).

    That’s all I have to say about that…

    Onward and Upward!

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