• Get Yourself Some Fancy Hands and Get Sh*t Done

    Fancy Hands Assistance ServicePardon my french, but I’m in love.  Fancy Hands is my new best friend for getting things done.  I spotted them when my good friend Ron Hudson liked their Facebook page.  As with everything Ron shares, I had to check it out.  Boy am I happy I did.

    Fancy Hands is a low-fee monthly service that gives you access to a team of people ready to complete specific tasks.  FH is just the gap-filler I’ve been looking for in my business.  Yes, I have an assistant (she rocks!).  I also have a dedicated team of coders, designers and such.

    The problem I’ve found is many of the tasks I need completed on a daily basis, are far above the pay grade of the many talented people I employ or outsource to.  I mean seriously, some virtual assistants charge $50 an hour… to do research or other simple tasks?  Not gonna happen.

    P.S. I love my VAs and they are really good at what they do.

    Enter Fancy Hands

    Every month, depending on your plan, you have a certain number of tasks you can request to be completed.  Plans start at $25/month for 5 tasks (hello, that’s $5 per task).  I use the unlimited plan which only costs $65/month.

    They get done the tasks I need to have done at an affordable price.

    What are tasks?

    Tasks are specific things that need to get done.

    Say you’re attending the next Blog World Expo in my backyard, Los Angeles (I’ll be there) and you need a driver to the airport, Fancy Hands can find you a driving service.

    Basically, anything an assistant would do for you, Fancy Hands can do.

    Here’s how I’ve used the service so far:

    1. research specific topics for a blog post
    2. find 25 niche specific blogs that rank on the first 3 pages of Google
    3. create a list of female bloggers who write about tech and marketing
    And, I plan on using them more in the future.

    What about quality?

    So far so good and from what I can tell quality is job one and a big differentiator they count on as a sustainable business.

    At $25 its worth a try :-)

    Onward and Upward!

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