• Domain Name Search – Where and How?

    Every web success starts with a great idea and an equally great domain name. I will assume here that you have already come up with a great idea and help you with the next step, which is to find the most appropriate domain name for it. Some people tend to rush into this decision and end up paying too much for a domain name that won’t even bring success for them in the end. Others are so set on the idea of a name, that even if it is taken, they are ready to pay a fortune to acquire it. These are both bad practices.  I understand… this idea is your baby and you have your heart set on a name, but remember: this is both a marketing and a business decision, so you’ll have to look at it that way.

    Most good business decisions start with research so you are already at the right place. Lucky for you, I have already done the research in the matter and found the best website for a domain name search, Domain Typer. Now that you know the ‘where’, I’m also going to tell you the ‘how’ which is essentially  entangled with the ‘why’.

    To simplify it a bit, I’ll tell you how to use Domain Typer in your domain name search and why I found it the best site to use.

    Domain Typer’s merit is in its simplicity. It is also a good example of a perfectly fitting domain name, since on Domain Typer, you quite literally type in the domain that you have had in mind for your website and it will tell you whether it’s free.

    If your desired domain name is free, then you can allow yourself a small victory dance and then choose which website to buy it from. Here goes Domain Typer’s best feature, in my opinion. It compares the prices of different websites and you can choose through which one you wish to purchase. It does the research for you and in a second!

    What happens if the name is taken? Worry not! You still have several options if someone has already thought of your genius name.

    Option Number 1: Your chosen domain name might be free with a different extension. Domain Typer shows you the availability for the four main extensions, .com, .org, .net, .online and then on the side the smaller ones as well. You also have the option to add your own extension. Who knows? You might come up with a clever word play with the extension.

    Option Number 2: You don’t want to use a different extension, but you are happy to compromise on the name. Domain Typer uses an instant domain name generator that generates similar domains to the one that you have been looking for. This can save you significant time and brain power.

    Option Number 3: You don’t want to use a different extension or a different name. You are a 100% sure that you want that name. In this case, you can visit the site and even make an offer trough Domain Typer.

    As you see, they have thought of all the options and it really makes your domain name search a better experience. You can find everything in one place, you have options and you can make an informed decision based on the facts. You have just come from intuitively naming your baby to making an informed business decision. A long way in a short amount of time and effort.

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